Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Hello youths! As all of you know that Prayer Camp is really near, we would like you all to spend some time everyday just go to God in prayer and also seek Him as we would want to draw close to God and also hear what he wants to tell us throughout this camp and also to set our priorities and vision right for the whole year :) Below are some prayer items that you all can help us to pray for:-

Prayer Items

  • Pray for the Prayer Camp, 13th -15th of March, that more students will sign up.
  • Pray that we will have a safe journey to Gopeng as we will be traveling in the night and also when we head back to church on sunday.
  • Pray for good weather throughout the camp so that our activities can go on smoothly.
  • Pray for safety campers whilst at camp.
  • Pray for everyone's health throughout the camp, that no one will fall sick.
  • Pray for the teachers that God will give them wisdom and strength as they will be handling most of the agenda for the camp.
  • Pray for a smooth flowing programme, from worship, prayer, activities that everything will lead back to encouraging the youth to have a prayerful life.
  • Pray for a good stay throughout the camp and also a good and healthy environment that we will be living in.
  • Pray for the meals that we will be having that God will bless the hands that provide it.
  • Pray that everyone will come with an open heart to listen to God's words.
  • Pray that everyone will have a great time of fellowship with one another and also with God.
Remember to spend some time for God and continue praying as prayers always changes things and God is always there hearing us talking to Him. Have a great week and see you all on friday. Till then, take care and God bless.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Youth Fellowship Prayer Camp

Hello youths! Welcome to The Life Chapel Youth blog. All activities, happenings and general updates about the Youth Fellowship will be posted up here, so please come here once in a while to check out the latest updates.

Anyway, we have an upcoming event, that is the Youth Fellowship Prayer Camp! It is our first ever prayer camp so we really hope ALL of you could make it for this special event as it will strengthen your faith in Jesus Christ and also come to have a time of rest. We will also guarantee you a nice and warm time of fellowship with our fellow youths and teachers as well.

The details are as follow:-

Date: 13th-15th March 2009 (Friday to Sunday)
Location: Harvest Haven, Gopeng, Perak.
Fee: RM 70

For more information please contact Su Yuen Hsiang or Yee Weng Soon. Transportation is provided =) Hope to see all of you there and have a great week ahead! God bless!