Saturday, October 31, 2009

Saturday Cooking for Fundraising

Hello youths ! Here are the pictures from last saturday's cooking, slicing, chopping, peeling and everything that we can do in the kitchen. Thank you all once again for lending a helping hand and made this a success. Enjoy what we have for you right below:-

Nigel giving instructions

Tomato purees

Peel, cut, chop, slice..


Peeled carrots

Carrots and cabbage

Frozen mince beef

Onions and garlics



Mince beef and tomato puree

What's behind the windows..

Slicing carrot

Very serious in slicing

Final product

Busy in the kitchen

Cooking in progress

Photos credits to Weng Soon. Hope you guys enjoy the pictures. Have a good week and God bless : )

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Discussion Questions for 17th of October 2009

Hey youths! These are the questions during the discussion in YF on the 17th of October 2009. Just a recap for those who were not present on that day.

The Disciple & his Enemy Pt.1

1. Describe what you think off when you think of Satan. Compare this to the world’s representation of Satan. What are the similarities and what are the differences if any.

2. What are some of the names given to our enemy?
a) Matthew 4:3
b) Matthew 9:34
c) 2 Corinthians 4:4
d) 1 John 2:14
e) Revelations 12:9 –10

3. Read Isaiah 14:12-15. What does this passage tell us about Satan?

4. Read 2 Corinthians 4:3-4 and Luke 8:12. What do these two passages tell us about Satan?

5. Read Revelations 20:10. What will ultimately happen to Satan? What does this mean for us?

6. Revisit the 1st question only this time refer to what you have learned today about who Satan is. Has your views changed at all? Explain.

Take care and have a blessed week. God bless :)

Monday, October 26, 2009

Spring Cleaning

Hello youths ! The Life Chapel is having a Spring Cleaning on the 31st of October 2009 (Saturday) from 8.30 am to 12.30 pm inclusive of Lunch.

We need volunteers to help in this spring cleaning, and also lets contribute our helping hands to our 42 years old church. Do come as this is also a part of serving to Him.

We hope to see YOU there ! Take care and have a blessed week. God bless :)

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Visit to Shalom Home

Hello youths ! The YF has used the RM500 to buy the basic food and other necessities needed by Shalom Home. The things such as milo, milk, can food, toothpaste and soap are bought for the 34 residents of Shalom Home. On the 24th of October 2009 (Saturday), Weng Soon, Benjamin and Teresa has represented YF went visiting to Shalom Home and present them with the things that the YF has bought for them.

The caretaker and a few of the residents in Shalom Home.

The notice board which showed the name of the residents and financial needs of Shalom Home.

The things that the YF have bought for Shalom Home.

The receipt which showed what the has been bought for Shalom Home.

Shalom Home was very thankful for the things that had been bought for them and indeed we have blessed the people in need. Once again, thank you to all of YOU who have contributed the offering to Shalom Home and continue to bless those around you : )

Thank you for all your support and have a blessed, fruitful week ahead. God bless !

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Youth Fellowship Breakfast Fundraising

Hello youths ! A reminder to you all that the YF Fundraising is this Sunday and we need VOLUNTEERS to help out in preparing the food on Saturday during YF time. Thanks and by the way here's a comic strip for you all !

Have a great week ahead ! :D God bless.

Monday, October 19, 2009

More updates.

Hey youths ! Here's more updates on last week's donation drive to shalom home :

17th October : RM 178.

The YF has collected a total of RM454.90 and will top up to RM500 to buy the necessary for Shalom Home. All praise goes to the Lord. Thank you so much for contributing ! :D

Anyway, we have an upcoming event which is our YF Fundraising Effort on the 25th October where the YF will be taking over the Sunday Morning breakfast to prepare and sell food.

On the 24th October, Saturday, the YF will be staying back till 9pm to prepare the food for the fundraising so we really need volunteers who are free to stay back.

On the 25th October, Sunday, there will be a cooking, selling and washing team. The cooking team will have to be at the basement by 8.30am and those helping out in this team will have to attend 2nd service.

The selling team however has to be at the basement by 9.45am to set up everything whereas the washing team can come down after the 1st service.

We really need volunteers who can make this fundraising a success, and that means YOU ! : ) Do come as this is also a part of serving.

Thank you and have a fun fruitful week ahead. God bless.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Camp form is on the blog

Hello youths ! How was your week so far ? We hope you are doing just fine, eventhough exams are around the corner. Do study hard and give your best to glorify God in whatever you do, even through your exam results.

Anyway, the YF has been collecting donations for Shalom Home and here are the figures we have collected for all three weeks :

Week 1 (12th September): RM 66.90
Week 2 (26th September): RM 140.00
Week 3 (3rd October): RM 42.00

The last day for this donation drive will be on the 28th September 2009. A big thank you to those who have contributed so far and we hope you will still contribute for the coming week ! : )

Next, you all have been hearing a lot of promotions on our annual year end YF Camp lately right ? We would really love to see you all there and we hope that you will bring your friends along to this camp as well so If you were unable to get the YF Camp form from any of us, do not fret as you can get it here on the blog and print it out yourself:-

The front

The back

Click on the picture to enlarge it.

So there's no more excuses on no camp form was given to you as we have provided it for you over here and please feel free to print it out and invite your friends over! If your printer broke down, always feel free to go get it from Michelle Low. We will be anticipating to see YOU in camp !

Have a fruitful and blessed week ahead ! God bless.