Thursday, May 21, 2009

Fundraising Event for YF Camp

Hello youths ! How was your week so far ? We know that this week and next week will be busy for most of you as you all will be facing your mid-term exams. We hope that no matter how busy you are in the midst of your studies, you will always remember to spend some quality time with God.

Anyway, we have an upcoming event which is a fundraising effort for our YF Camp. Therefore, on this Sunday, 25th of May, the YF will be taking over the Sunday Morning Breakfast in cooking and selling food in order to collect money which will help subsidize the YF Camp fees.

The duties are divided into three sections; cooking, washing and selling. For the cooking and washing team, do come to The Life Chapel basement between 8.15am – 8.30am to help out with either cooking or washing up. Then at 11am, both teams will head upstairs to partake in the 2nd Breaking of Bread Service.

As for the selling team, you will have to be at the basement by 9.45am to help the other youths to sell the food to the church members.
If you are interested in helping out in any of the teams, please give your names to:

Lye Jee Vern (0127191185)
Michelle Low (0162897303)
William Ong (0129326708)

We really need volunteers for this event and we would be pleased if YOU would help make this fundraiser a successful one. Do consider helping as it is also a form of serving God. : )

Thank you and have a blessed and fruitful week ahead !
God bless.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Gospel Literature Outreach (GLO)

Hello youths ! How was your week so far ? We hope that no matter how busy you may be, you will always remember to spend some time with God.

Anyway, we have decided to post up testimonies from three youths who went for the Gospel Literature Outreach (GLO) located in Taiping Gospel Hall, Taiping. The module started on the 4th of January 2009 until 23rd of January then we have a week break for Chinese New Year celebration and then resumed from the 1st of February until 21st of February. All in all, it was a total 6 weeks spent in Taiping. The eligible age to attend GLO is of 17 years old and above.

The daily schedule for weekdays in GLO starts with an early morning devotion at 7.30am, followed by breakfast. Lectures begins at 9am and roughly ends around 12.45pm, with a 30 minute break in between. Then comes lunch and free time after that.
If the students were given assignments, they used up their free time to complete the assignments. Dinner starts at 7pm and lights out at 11pm.

During weekends, the students will be sent to Kuala Kangsar or Batu Gajah churches to help out in the ministry there. Also, catered food will not be provided during weekends so the students had a fun time venturing out exploring Taiping streets for good food.

Here are the testimonies :

Click the picture to read more.

Does GLO sounds fun to you ? If so, do keep the month of January and February 2010 free so that YOU will be able to experience a life-changing opportunity. Feel free to visit the GLO Prospectus 2010 for more informations.

Have a fun week ahead and God Bless. :)