Saturday, September 18, 2010

YF CAMP 2010

Hello youths,
The camp forms are finally out!!! They are available at the church office or you can just print them right here. We'll also be shooting a video to promote our camp. ALL of you are INVITED to shoot this video. If you all want to help, kindly stay back a little longer next Saturday, 25th of September 2010. The camp info is as below:

Date                  : 17th December (Friday) to 20th December 2010 (Monday)
Venue               :  Harvest Haven, Gopeng, Perak
Price                 : RM180
Camp Speaker  : Lai Mun Onn

Our theme this year is iLove.

God's love for you.
What is it all about?
Whats so important about it?

Come to this year's camp and you'll know.