Friday, December 23, 2011

WISH Campers 2011

Hey guys,

Just want to say a big thank you to everybody for participating so enthusiastically in this year's camp :) We hope you had an awesome possum wonderful time, but more importantly, that you found the message meaningful and thought provoking. 

We hope that the next time you come up to Camerons, you'll look at that old building across the road, and perhaps have the chance to say...'cucu, look over there...once upon a time, Grandpa/Grandma danced around like a ballerina and sang a song with a mouthful of water... rolled tissue on the floor and built my model dream home... and found peace in the Rock of my Salvation :)'

Not forgetting to thank our dear Lord for His blessings and protection...and also all who have laboured to make this camp a success :)

God bless and Merry Christmas!!


The Life Chapel Youth Fellowship 2011

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